Positioning Yourself For Success In 2020
Experience More Clarity, Purpose & Direction
  • Develop the right mindset for rapid personal growth
  • Learn powerful techniques to gain clarity for improved performance
  • Perfect your productivity to stay ahead and become unstoppable
  • Learn what to do to achieve your goals faster than you ever done before
Hosted by
Kelechi Anyalechi
Kelechi is regarded as one of the leading Goal Achievement Experts. With over nine years of professional experience, Kelechi is a Life Coach, trained and certified in the United States. He is specialised with powerful human change technologies including Neuro Linguistics Programming and Time-line Therapy ™.

Over the past eight years, Kelechi had coached and trained thousands of working and business professionals in top and middle level management from different multinationals around the world, through his live training and coaching sessions.

Kelechi is also the founder of the Kelechi Anyalechi Coaching Academy; a registered platform that helps people achieve their goals faster than they ever thought possible. He is the author of eleven books including GOALS.

He has been featured severally on satellite television stations, radio stations and many local and international print and other media related platforms. Kelechi has spoken at conferences and seminars within Nigeria and many other countries.










  • What you can do to achieve your goals in 3-6 months than you have ever done in 3-6 years!
  • How to live your life by DESIGN.


I have been reading several books on Goals. I never understood it all properly. Attending the Goal Getter Master Class, the facilitator, Kelechi made it an eye opener for me. It was a fantastic experience. Learning the Smart 3D Dimensions of Goals and the fact that everything was broken down to the very least made the session very valuable to me.
Falana Olusegun

Honestly, I have never been to a training like this before. I can say boldly that the hours spent has broadened my mind. The class was fascinating, mind-opening and very interactive. I have gone back to my drawing board to set my goals the right way.

Oluwatoba Omosehin

This session was very impactful, eye-opening and very practical. The Coach, Kelechi Anyalechi was patient and attentive. He took his time to explain every aspect of the training. Using his personal experiences made the class very easy to relate with. It was as though it was a ONE-on-ONE class.

Adidemi Akinde

I spent 4 hours 30 minutes during my paid clarity session and had a transformation instantly! It was indeed a mind opening session yesterday. I saw lots of things in a different light. Kelechi was able to show me how different dimensions of my life have had a rippling effect on why I have not achieved my goals in the past. I was able to set my goals differently from how I usually did in the past. I always thought I knew my real limitations till I had my session with Kelechi.  

Nonye Nwoko

HR Consultant


Sunday, January 19, 2020

3 p.m.


program guarantee

One thing is CERTAIN! If you apply all you learn and take the necessary steps, you will make SIGNIFICANT progress in specific areas of your life within the next 90-days and PHENOMENAL progress within one year. 

By the end of the class, you would have experienced INSTANT transformation.

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