church GROWTH AND leadership development programs

Through this platform, Kelechi Anyalechi and his team have been used mightily by God to train and raise Christian leaders in different states of Nigeria and the United States of America. Using the internet as a vital tool, thousands of Christian leaders and youths have benefitted from his programs, teachings and initiatives in over 145 countries. In the past five years, Kelechi and his team have been privileged to train over 3,000 Church Ministry staff cut across different cities in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Bayelsa, Benin, Kaduna, Warri, Ibadan, Aba, etc.) and outside the country (USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, etc.) Through the delivery of updated practical knowledge and the strong influence of the Holy Spirit, many leaders have been fired up and positioned rightly for INCREASED relevance in life and ministry. His delivery style is unique and backed up by the Holy Spirit.

Some of the training programs himself and his team have facilitated for Church Staff Members, Leaders and Members include: 

  • Goal Setting For Effective Church Growth
  • Personal Effectiveness and Productivity
  • Operational Effectiveness and Excellence
  • Effective Church Administration Training
  • Effective Communication and Business Writing 
  • Strategic Growth Training For Small Groups (Cells)
  • Leadership Development For Church Workers
  • Career Discovery and Excellence For Youths 
  • Executive Seminars For Professionals

Want your Church and/or its members to experience radical growth in specific areas? Reach out to Kelechi and his team RIGHT AWAY.

Some of the PROGRAMS under this platform are:

  1. Church Ministry Staff Training
  2. Church Administration and Management
  3. Strategic Training for Robust Church Growth
  4. Career and Business Growth for Christian
  5. Personal and Transformational Leadership
  6. Capacity Development for Teens and Youths
  7. Effective Parenting by the Spirit
  8. Financial Empowerment Initiatives