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My name is Kelechi Anyalechi. I have been married for eight years and they have been the BEST TIMES of my life.

My beautiful wife and I enjoy a very fulfilling friendship and relationship that is amazing to many people around us.

We are not conscious of this, but hundreds of people (single and married) make touching comments about us.

Ask those, who live and work with us, they will tell you the same thing.

Is our blissful marriage by accident? Entirely NO!

There were SPECIFIC steps my wife and I took while we were engaged to ensure our marriage is as PEACEFUL and FULFILLING as it is.

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You are in a relationship with someone, committed seriously to marry you.

You want to know your partner’s mindset on crucial areas that concern your relationship.

You are ready to work with your partner to design the happy married life you truly desire.

You have some ill-feeling of the future of the relationship you are in now or marriage.

You want your partner to have a deeper understanding of who you are, your critical needs and expectations in your marriage. 

You want to prepare yourself for a blissful, peaceful and enjoyable marriage. 

You want a marriage founded on trust, transparency and integrity.

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A powerful assessment to help both of you make necessary adjustments to ensure you enjoy your relationship CONSISTENTLY.

A 61-page compendium of powerful affirmations for eight important areas of your life. 

I am sure you have read stories online or know people with terrible experiences in their marriage.

Sometimes, the stories become so much that people are becoming more scared of getting married nowadays.

This has NOT been my experience in the past seven years and I have never had one regret marrying my wife. The same with her!

As a relationship expert, I have spent over ten years coaching thousands of singles and married people.

In my coaching and therapy sessions, I hear all sorts of stories.

Often times, I dig further and ask, ‘did he or she behave this way or show any signs before your wedding? Most similar responses are, ‘I did not know he or she was like this,’ or ‘I never expected him or her to behave this way.’

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