I AM (Daily Affirmation for Young People)



In many years of practice as an education expert and personal life, I have seen the efficacy of thoughts and words. When I was in primary and secondary school, I had very serious challenges that diminished my self-value, self-worth, self-disposition and self-esteem. I fought with identity crisis for many years. What caused this lingering problem? WORDS! What solved it in the end? WORDS!

There was a time I felt that I was incomplete and non-deserving of a certain class of people. I used to be afraid to stand before certain people. Today, I can communicate boldly with any human being in the world. I am only respectful of people, yet afraid of no one.

Children associate and relate with different people every day. The words they hear and exposed to make a great impact on them.

Affirmations are positive, creative and deliberate statements you speak forth. They help build your self-esteem and overcome negative thoughts or perceptions. They help you visualize and improve your self-belief and confidence.

In this book, I AM, you will learn how to use words to REPROGRAM your mind, CREATE and ALIGN yourself a better future.

Get yourself and your loved ones.


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