I AM (Daily Affirmation for Adults)



Sometimes, it is easy to portray yourself as one, who has everything going well in your favour. Do you have absolute belief in yourself? Do you really belief that you deserve the very best?

Why do you find yourself almost not trusting that you can become a man or woman of your dreams or live in serenity and abundance?

It is a function of a wrong programming. The average human has 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day. A greater percentage of them are negative. It is because of how we are wired naturally.

The only way to get better results in our lives is to reprogram our subconscious minds, by building a positive mindset, attitude and beliefs. You can start by changing what you say and think about yourself.

Affirmations are positive, creative and deliberate statements you speak forth. They help build your self-esteem and overcome negative thoughts or perceptions. They help you visualize and improve your self-belief and confidence.

This book I AM (Daily Affirmation for Adults) is designed to redirect your focus and attention to your ultimate purpose and design. It will guide you in awakening your consciousness to what realities have in store for you.

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